Confessions of a skin care obsessive.

So if you have visited my blog before you will be well aware of my love (or complete obsession) with skin  care products – and if you’re new here, then, welcome! My names Amy and I am addicted to trying and testing any skin care product that I can get my hands on!

Over the past few weeks my skin care stash has grown extensively, this has been down to many many online sales and my birthday rolling around. As I have the best friends that know me all too well, many of my gifts came in the form of creams, scrubs and masks.

And so as I sat down to reorganise my skin care draw for the fourth time in the past 3 weeks I thought I would share with you the contents of this draw and all of my personal faves.


Products in this picture:
– Garnier Skin Active – Micellar cleansing water
– Soap and Glory – 3 in 1 vitamin C facial wash
– Nip and Fab – Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads
– Nip and Fab – Glycolic fix night pads extreme
– Nip and Fab – Dragon’s blood fix daily cleansing pads
– Nip and Fab – Deep Cleansing Fix
– Mario Badescu – Glycolic foaming cleanser
– Mario Badescu – Alpha Grapefruit cleansing lotion

So of course cleansing is an essential component to any skin care routine and therefore it makes complete sense that the first cleanser you try might not be the one for you – and this is what I tell John when I come home with yet another cleanser to try out! Every cleanser in this picture has something about it that I LOVE and they are all an integral part of my weekly routine.

Now if you’ve been to my blog before you may have seen a previous post about a whole host of Nip and Fab products that I was going to try out – If you haven’t read it you can check it out here…

A couple of products in this picture that are however new to my collection are the cleansing face wash and lotion by Mario Badescu and the Nip and Fab deep cleansing fix!

Now the Mario Badescu products came in part of a gift set that I received for my birthday and from the first use I was absolutely sold on these little beauties! They left my skin feeling clear, clean and visibly glowing and along with the vitamin C serum that came as part of the set I woke in the morning to a dewy complexion and a very big smile on my face!

And last but not least when it comes to the cleansers we have the Nip and Fab deep cleansing fix! Now this multi purpose cream claims to have 6 uses – and even though I haven’t managed to try them all out yet, so far it has not disappointed! I have been using it each morning as a general cleansing wash. It also works really well as a light exfoliator if you wash it away with the help of a flannel rather than just your hands! I am very intrigued to see how this works as a face mask and intensive night cream – so watch this space, we shall see!


products in this picture:
– St Ives Apricot Scrub 
– Nip and Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix 
– Soap and Glory Scrubatomic
– Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow, Daily 2% 

Now who doesn’t love the fresh and detoxifying feeling you get after a really good exfoliation! 

My combination skin is a mixture of oily patches and dry little bobbly spots – fantastic! – and so exfoliation can sometimes be a bit of a mine field! Scrub too much on that t-zone then it can become oiler than your full English frying pan, but when it comes to my sensitive skin patches on my cheeks then it’s integral to get that smooth complexion that all skin care obsessives strive for! 

St Ives Apricot Scrub is a product that always seems to find its way back into my collection and I can never seem to remember buying it… weird I know. But this product has been tried and tested for years, with even my mum raving about it from her own past, post hormone skin routines. It’s natural ingredients and beautiful fruity smell makes it a personal favourite of mine and I will always be happy to see it in the back of my draw. 

And of course the Nip and Fab combination of scrub and liquid glow have been amazing and they have been the completing components to my glycolic routine. I now have a full routine that I use roughly three times a week that is made up entirely of their Glycolic range. I would use it more often, but because of the acidic components it’s just too harsh on my skin to use every day… sigh. 

Moisturisers, Serum’s and Eye creams… oh my! 


products in this picture: 
– Nip and Fab, No Needle fix eye cream
– Nip and Fab, Dragon’s Blood plumping serum 
– Nip and Fab, Bee Sting fix eye cream 
– Nip and Fab, Glycolic Fix serum 
– Nivea Moisturising cream 
– Soap and Glory, Speed Plump night cream 
– Nip and Fab, Dragon’s Blood hydrating shot
– Nip and Fab, Glyolic Fix SPF Moisturisor
– Dr. Scheller, Organic Thyme Moisturisor

When it comes to moisturisors I can be so picky! 

I don’t want it to be too oily, but I love a dewy finish and there’s nothing worse than having your freshly cleaned skin feeling cloggy and caked once you’ve moisturised. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why I have tried and tested so many different ones and these are just the ones that have made the cut! 

Out of all of these products the Nip and Fab SPF Moisturisor has to be my favourite. I for one absolutely hate putting sun cream on my face (greasy it not good for my pores!) so being able to put this on for extra sun protection is just perfect. It is thick so a little goes a long long way and once its on I find my skin feels fresh and moisturised all day long! 

Also the Dragons Blood serum from Nip and Fab is amazing. It can be added to your daily moisturisor or you can apply it straight to your face as a night-time treatment. 



For now that is all, but as the seasons change and the post baby hormonal breakouts approach I know that I will only be investing in more magical creams and serums (and drinking too much caffeine and not enough water!)