Baby Haul Favourites.

As soon as we found out that our bundle of joy would be coming into the world as a little boy – the urge to splash out on tiny little outfits became very real.

Once the feeling of being outnumber subsided all I could feel was excitement about tiny pairs of dungarees and tiny little converse high tops.

However despite all the fun things to buy it became very clear to me that we were lacking in some of the every day essentials – like an abundance of onesies, muslin cloths and you know.. nappies!

So here I am to share with you some of our favourite bits that we have picked up for the little lad so far – and the reasons why they have made it onto our favourites list.

These are just some of my favourite onesies and sleep-suits that we have bought so far for him – but from every “mummy blog” I have read and every baby essentials video I have watched I have learnt that you can never have enough of these.

John bought the cutest 5 piece set from H&M covered with little “I love Mum and Dad” slogans – I love the baby range that they have in H&M, its really lovely quality and just so cute!

With that being said, these are some of the slightly more expensive pieces we have bought (he just had to have a set of Nike onesies apparently) and as much as I love every single thing we have bought for him – some of my favourite things have come from a baby event!

Before becoming pregnant I hadn’t heard much at all about baby events or imagined the wondrous possibilities that they can hold for us parents to be! Especially parents that may be wanting to do things on a budget.

I have seen many different shops and supermarkets do their own version of a baby event and every one specialises in something different, either bottles and formula or maternity bras and breast pumps.

However the one that changed the game for me however is……… The Aldi baby event! I know I can’t believe I am saying it.. but Aldi have changed the game on this one, truly.

These are just a few of the pieces that I picked up from the most recent baby event at Aldi and not only have I been blown away by the quality but the price is just unbelievable. I actually did two trips to two different Aldi stores after a realisation that enough was not enough!

From onesies, sleep suits and muslin cloths to Tommee Tippee favourites like bottles and bottle bags – they really had such a wide variety of products! Everything of course in a range of pinks, blues and greys to suit everyones needs.

All the sleep suits and muslins came in handy packs of three and with prices starting at £2.99 I know I don’t have to tell you that I didn’t just buy one pack of them all – but 3!

I just think with a price like that even if they were completely ruined by an exploding nappy I wouldn’t feel like it was money wasted to just throw them away.

On top of everything I’ve posted above I also got a changing mat and believe it or not I actually chose to buy my Moses basket from there as well.

I know this will create a divide in opinions but after reading such positive reviews and looking at the quality of the product compared to the Moses baskets I have seen in Mothercare for three times the price – it became a no brainer for me!

I absolutely love it and I am sure he will too!

The last thing I want to talk about before I go back to trolling the internet for the perfect noise maker (suggestions welcome – PLEASE!) is Aldi’s nappies!

I work in a nursery and have done for some time now and I have slowly seen Aldi’s home brand nappies replace Huggies, Pampers and the rest of them – as chosen by the parents.

I knew this was going to be a brand that I definitely wanted to try – if it is good enough for the children I work with then it will be good enough for my baby – I did not however expect to go into Aldi and leave with a pack of newborn nappies for 87p… thats right! 87p!!!

I don’t feel like I need to say anything more than that.