My latest skincare obsession – Nip and Fab.

When it comes to skin care I always find myself itching to try every brand under the sun – and when I mean ‘try’ I don’t just mean pick one product from a new line and give it a whirl… I mean full on 7-10 products that I just HAVE to have and will obsess over them for weeks. Sometimes this works out wonderfully and I will find a new product to add to my daily routine and sometimes I find myself with just another barely used moisturizer to add to the growing pile.  The latest brand however,  adding themselves to a long line of products to take their place in my over flowing skin care draw is…….. Nip and Fab!

I have had so many of my friends rave about their products for a variety of reasons and so I saved up some Boots advantage points and waited for the January sales and off I went to get my hands on a whole new skin care routine!


I have a combination skin type, leaving me with an often oily t-zone and drier patches on my cheeks, blessing me with little spots from time to time..sigh! However, with that being said my skin isn’t terrible and always reacts well to new products..yay! So with that being said I will list below the products that I have invested in from Nip and Fab, my honest thoughts on these products and all importantly, wether or not I will be buying them again!


Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

I absolutely love these little pads. With the Glycolic acid working to exfoliate and re-texture they have really worked wonders on my t-zone, especially working to target any little black heads I might have on my nose. I have also found this whole range to be really gentle on the skin, despite the use of hyaluronic and glycolic acid being included.

I originally started using these every morning, after cleansing my face with just a basic face wash, however after just over a week I knocked this down to every other morning – the only reason being I wanted to make them last a bit longer – and I found the results to be just as good!


Glycolic Fix Night Pads – Extreme


These pads are fab! They leave your skin feeling fresh and tingly, but don’t go as far as to actually feel painful – I have had some awful “acid peel” type products in the past – but these do the job well! Even though I really enjoy the tightening feeling that these pads give to your face – you’re definitely going to need a good moisturizer if you are prone to dry skin.   

As much as I love these pads I completely understand why they are only recommended to be used a 2-3 nights a week. They do the job just as well only being used a few times a week and I think if used every night it would probably be too harsh on the skin.


                                                                     Dragon’s Blood Fix Jelly Mask


I cannot express how much I love this face mask! My favourite place to utilise a face mask will always be whilst I am in the bath and after letting the steam open up my pores, the initial cooling texture of this face mask is second to none! After a while it then begins to heat up and the magical tingly feeling begins (you will begin to learn that this is one of my favourite things about any skin care product). Despite the heating feeling that you get from the ‘Dragons Blood’ this mask is so wonderfully hydrating and leaves your face feeling soft and plump!

Despite my impulse to cover my face in this mask all day every day – I limit myself to three nights a week, after cleansing and exfoliating my face and always following up with a night-time moisturizer.


Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow – Daily 2%


I was really sceptical to try out the liquid glow just because it promises so much from exfloiating and resurfacing to a brighter complexion with consistent use, but I have not been disappointed! When I keep on top of this product it really does help with brightening the appearance of my skin and well as tightening the larger pores on my nose and chin.

I use this product every evening after cleansing and toning my face – and after I have used the Glycolic night pads. I tend to use around 5 or 6 drops onto a fresh cotton pad and I find this covers my whole face – I could probably use just a little bit more sometimes – but I just don’t want to use it all up just yet. It isn’t their cheapest product to replace when I do run out, so I suppose I am just trying to delay the inevitable, please don’t judge me.



                                                                      Bee Sting Fix Toning Pads


I haven’t found these pads as amazing as I have the other products and I suppose that was only inevitable when I insist on buying so many, oh well! I know many people who these particular pads work miracles for, but for me I didn’t really see any changes in my skin terms of plumping of firming.





So… Which ones will I be purchasing again?

I have found the any of the Glycolic acid products really work well with my skin type. They are helping to resurface my face gently, focusing on any little scars or bumps I may have from old blemishes, hallelujah! But they also arn’t overly drying meaning that my sensitive skin isn’t being bashed too much! I will also be dipping my toe a little further into the Dragon’s Blood range, because if that face mask is anything to go by – I am going to love it! However I think the Bee Sting products are ones that just aren’t going to make the cut for me… They have little to no effect on my skin, but this isn’t to say they won’t work wonders for someone else! Let me know if you’ve had a good result – I would love to hear it!

On a budget?

As amazing as Nip and Fab’s products are – they can be on the pricey side! And if you are at all like me, my main mantra is ‘treat yo’ self’ but this can be done on a budget; especially if you are just trying products out without knowing whats going to work for you! Nip and Fab’s website often have little sales on here and there, like any company, however once in a while they gift us all with the beauty of the £5 sale (shout out to Maisie, for introducing this to me – game changer). Boots also love to put their products on offer, my biggest advice is, if you don’t have a Boots Advantage Card, get one! Collect your points on everyday must haves; getting points on your face wipes, dry shampoo and favourite nail varnishes will help you get those more expensive products without feeling like you are breaking the bank! You can also use the points on their yummy meal deals – Naked Smoothies anyone?