How I stay organised

When it comes to staying organised I have success and failure with it from day to day, I love the idea of being extremely organised and will indulge myself in various notebooks, with each new one comes a new intention to get my life in order.

Actually putting that down is laughable – as I have a quick think back to the endless note books, diaries and planners I have wasted money on over the years or the amount of times I have put a forgotten appointment or missed

deadline down to having the wrong coloured pen to write it in. Fantastic.

However with the arrival of Baby Boy looming I have consciously been working really hard to get my shit together.

For those of you who are still getting to know me (Hi, new friends!) I have a great habit of taking on a million different things, despite actually really enjoying being lazy and non-committal – its a brilliant combination, I know. So currently on top of being pregnant and trying to stay in constant communication with the contractors that are building our new home – I also work full time at a private day nursery as a member of the management team and I am a part time University student, studying a teaching degree. And now I blog.

See what I mean, I love the idea of being busy, but the practicality of it makes my brain tired. However, I don’t like to give up on things and where some things are necessary – such as work – being organised has always been an optional extra – but NO MORE! 2019 is the year that I will crack having it all together! I am determined to be one of these mums that WOW everyone around them with their ability to do it all and still have time to pencil in their eyebrows.

We shall see.

And don’t you worry friends, you will continue to hear all about it, as the house moves into its finishing stages, most likely the week that I will also give birth – I will be as open and honest as possible about how successful my new attempts at being organised have been.

So without a moment to loose – these are my most recent purchases that I am utilising in an attempt to get and keep my shit together!

Zoella Lifestyle – 2019 Planner

This was a Christmas present from my beautiful mermaid friend Sarah – she knows me so well! Upon opening this beautiful planner from it’s wrapping, my better, more organised inner self began doing mini summersaults and a stylish dismount from her balance beam. The monthly layout with a page dedicated to goals is just perfect for me – I love being able to see things at a glance, and so being able to see the whole month mapped out on a page enables me to put in new plans in an instant.

Equally with the weekly log it has plenty of room for me to write down all the little bits I have going on or things I want to try and achieve in each day. It also has a little blank smiley face so that you can reflect on the day and how you think its gone – a bit cheesy for me, but I still think its a really sweet touch. And then at the end of the page it has a little section for you to write down three things that have gone well this week – again its something that I respond really well too, being able to reflect on what has gone well in the week!

So far so good with this planer – we are 23 days into January and I still find myself using it every day so thats definitely progress!

I can’t seem to find a link for this planner to anywhere that has it in stock! I have a feeling it was likely from her Christmas gift selection but if I ever come across it I will be sure to link it in here somewhere for you all!

The Leuchttrum 1917

I absolutely love this notebook (this is actually my second one) and I came across it when I went through my Bullet Journalling phase of being organised.

If you don’t know what Bullet Journalling is I will copy the link in here, I absolutely loved the concept behind a BuJo (I even had an instagram account set up for mine) but despite it being a universal layout that you design in only a way that will work for you – I couldn’t make it work for me. I would become too obsessed in pretty calligraphy and immaculate layouts that I wouldn’t leave myself enough time to write in it. But anyway thats another story for another time.

I know use my Leuchttrum as a glorified to do list and I have a list for near enough everything! I have a savings list, a house shopping list, a baby essentials list, the lot. And yes I almost never actually have it with me when I go house or baby shopping, coming home and being able to tick 3 things off a list of 100 gives me a small sense of satisfaction. Even if it is only immediately followed by the feeling of irritation I get when I realise that I still didn’t get a chopping board because I couldn’t remember if we already had one…sigh!

I would only really recommend picking this journal up if you intend to use it for journalling however. Even though it is now serving a purpose for me, I could use any £1.50 notebook from any supermarket in the exact same way. The Leuchttrum comes in on Amazon ranging from £12-£16, so like I said, it’s pricey if all you’re going to do it make lists.

Academic Dairy

How can you possibly need an academic diary and a 2019 diary I hear you ask? In truth, I don’t.

I bought this diary from Paperchase in their Black Friday sale before I was gifted my beloved Zoella planner. I have kept hold of this one however simply because it is small – significantly smaller than the other two notebooks and is therefore handy to keep in the bottom on my handbag. I do find myself using this diary a lot, however I know I would find it so much more useful if I remembered to make sure any and all events are duplicated from one diary to the next to avoid the inevitable double booking. (I’m not that busy a person, it just seems to happen to me all the time)

So there you go – that is how I am attempting to be organised in 2019 and so far so good. I am sure it will be a different story one our little lad is here but for now I am remaining optimistic.

Wish me luck.