Our trip to Disney Land – Paris!

In January 2018 a whole series of dreams came true as John and I hopped on a plane to the happiest place on earth – thats right – Disney Land! Despite us both being in our 20’s it was without question one of the most magical experiences I have ever had! From thrill seeking rides to over priced cheeseburgers it was worth every moment and euro we had!


Okay, so it is fair to say without question that this trip was certainly more for me than it was for John but who else would I have been able to drag into every store they had to obsess over a soft Stitch teddy in every size imaginable. We also agreed, however that it would be an incredible shame to travel to the city of love and only have encounters with Mickey and his friends – we of course became traiditional tourists and saw the sights.


After 6 hours of walking through the backstreets of Paris, finding ourselves lost in alleyways and getting caught in a heavy down pour, we finally found ourselves the Eiffel Tower. Despite being freezing and tired with our jeans sticking to our legs from the rain I have never seen anything as spectacular as the light show that takes over the tower as Paris is plunged into the night. With all the time it took for us to find our way here we had just enough time to grab a hot chocolate before making our way back to the hotel – with plenty of cheesy photos and even a couple of basic boomerangs taken it was absolutely a day well spent!

Top 5 things to do in Disney Land Paris

  1. Make sure you see the fireworks display!  – With both of us having visited Disney land before we knew that this time we had to make the time to see the spectacular fireworks display! Take our advice, dedicate a day to having a little bit of a late start and make sure you stick around to see the show – you will not be disapointed!
  2. Dedicate enough time to both parks – Yes the breath taking castle is in the main park – however to see the Marvel portion of the park and have several rounds on the rocking rollercoaster is something you have to see!
  3. The parade – This is such an amazing thing to witness, especially if even as an adult you are still a child at heart like me! But take my word for it when I say as fantastic as it is – you don’t need to see it more than once! As soon as you have set aside the time to catch the parade this time can then be better spent to go on all your favourite rides without having to hang about in the crazy ques – works like a charm!
  4. Our favourite rides – John and I are both lovers of rollercoasters so for us the faster the better but our top three were definetly Star Wars Hyper Space Mountain, Crushes Coaster and The Rock and Rollercoaster. However the Indiana Jones Temple of Terror and Pirates of the Carribean ride were also amazing!
  5. The food – yes the food is good, but it can be over priced if you are relying on the park for more than one meal a day over the course of a few days. If you are not staying in the actual park itself (which we didn’t), we found that just outside the main gates there is a small supermarket located in the train station. Because you are able to take your own food into the park I would definetly reccommend making your way to this little shop to stock up on snacks before making your way in. You will save yourself time and money in the long run – thank me later!


John and I have decided that even though we have now been there and done that – this is definetly going to have to be a revisit for us in the future. Only once our little boy is at an age when he can appreciate the happiest place on earth as much as we did!

Planning your own trip to Disney Land?

If you are planning your own trip to the home of all things Disney I can highly recommend the hotel we stayed in on our trip. We booked our holiday as a package deal through the Jet2 Holidays website – meaning that we got our flights, transfers and everything included within the price. We often book holidays this way as we find that spending that little bit extra upfront eliminates that extra bit of stress with organising everything individually.

The hotel we stayed in was actually medieval castle themed making it perfect for families or young at heart couples like us – it felt like we were staying in a Disney land hotel without the chunky price tag. The hotel also offered a complimentary shuttle bus every 15 minutes too and from the park – meaning that we always had a way to get home after a long day of exploring. I can highly recommend this hotel if you are planning your own trip – but I would also recommend adding a meal plan to your holiday! We had gone with bed and breakfast which was lovely – but when all we wanted was to grab a spot of food in the restaurant for dinner the prices were steep! Other than this – no complaints from us!

To check this hotel out follow the link below!